Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Little Mermaid: Ariel's Begining


What is here???


Now as you all know....lau niang is huge huge fan of Little Mermaid you know. Ever since the feature animation came out in 1989, I never stopped watching the cartoon till this very day. My 1st copy of pirated very-blur video tape (they celotape a 4r pic of the poster on the video box only and sell it at rm40 back then you know) evolved to the posh-er red-and-blue HVD tape evolved to a pirated VCD evolved to DVD. Yes people, the cartoon survived all technology and i am still watching it RELIGIOSLY. I hafal all the skrip and song you know.

Then while DVD shopping in pasar malam few weeks back, i spotted this. I refused to believe its real; after all this years. Although they had a sequel done some years before. Yang Ariel make baby with Prince Eric one.


I dun expect it to be as good as the 1st installment but what the heck. It's still little mermaid!! Gotta have it! As i inserted the disc into the player my hands already shivering in excitement to press play button. Press play only a very very familar scene popped up.

TETAP must have King Triton's Castle okeh!!!

Then hor....start start only got come out Ariel Zaman baby. So cute lei!!!

See see!! So cute!! That time her nen nen haven't grow so just wrap with handkerchief but must tetap same colour with her shell bra. Then King Triton's hair still brunnette; haven't turn white lagi katanya.

Then got new mermaid!!

You guess who is this?? This is Ariel's Lau Bu lah!! Never come out before one lei!! Notice she's wearing Ariel's future bra not? Rupa-rupanya Ariel kena pakai hand-me-down bra jer. So ker lian hor. Hope the cup size is correct lah. Ariel's Lau Bu nen nen seems bigger. Oh her name is not Lau Bu lah....its Athena by the way. Last time in Sunday School i got indian fren her name is Athena also.

But Athena hor,(not indian Athena okeh...focus focus!) very short lived lor. You see her singing along to a music box (that is like her heart of the ocean lah, sentimental gift from husband).....sing sing sing until never realized Captain Barbosa coming in his Black Pearl from behind.

In the midst of the panic, she try to escape but she left her music box behind so she U -Turn to cuba rescue the music box. But her tail tersepit and then just gone case like that. Died because of music box. Leaving behind seven mer-girls to husband. So silly but so cham also lah. King triton ma very trauma lor, so he banned music from his ocean. Dowan to be reminded of his wife.

Ten years later, Ariel grew into puberty full of angst. You know teenagers lah, forever rebel kan. Hate that age level. Come from broken family pulak tu. Dah lah cannot sing song some more, lagi rebel lah kan. Always fighting neck to neck with daddy. "I want to sing!! I won't budge I won't budge gitue...." (harus mek larriikk sorok bawah Atlantic Ocean pasal sudah offended someone now....)

Oh and this part Ariel has a governess who looks after her and her sisters too. She's actually the villian of the show.

Meet Marina Del Rey, (not marinara pasta okeh) the super diva aunty mermaid boroi. Acelly hor if you see the movie throughout kan, her hair color keeps changing one. Why???

Because she is ratu wig. Just like lau niang. Only thing she has nicer wigs lah. Not like me, only got rambut style perempuan gila baru kena rogol 5 round. Anyways, Marina is gila kuasa one lor, she secretly wanna rampas Sebastian's title.

But where is Sebastian??? Why never come out all this while??

Sebastian reprises his role as right-hand man (or in this case right-claw crab) to King Triton. But he has something under his sleeve. (Insert Mary Alice narration and Desperate Housewife soundtrack) In spite of holding such an influencial post, everyone in Atlantic Ocean has their darkest secrets....

You remembered King Triton banned music already right? How can you take the Samba and Flamenco away from Cha-cha diva Sebastian kan. Kau tau.....our fren....dier bukak La Queen Haram!!! Yess.....i'm not kidding. Every night he sneaks out of the palace and pergi cucuk langit in a secret La Queen well hidden in some caves.

Buat solo performance tengah podium plak tu.

Then one night he kena kantoi with Ariel who caught him red handed singing lor. Ariel being a song whore herself, what you expect her to do?? Of course she breaks into a song herself.

Shaddapp....shaddapp!!!!! Nih solo merk tau!!!!!! Merk keyyyysaaahh lah nyahh!!!

Yes yes.....sebastian very geram and jeles Ariel can sing better than him. Ge-les!! Then kena kantoi not enough, the next night Ariel brought all her sister to La Queen untuk melacur some more.

There's Attina, Alana, Adela, Aquata, Arista, Andrina, and then Ariel. In order. Yes i know all their names. Dun fuck with me okeh. So they all go la queen and cik cur together until kena kantoi by King Triton. Jeng jeng jeng!! Drama drama......who tell? Ma Marina tell lor.

So naturally Sebastian losses his job and gets imprisoned. Marina wish come true lor. But not for long. Ariel goes to Sebastian's rescue and they escape together. King Triton pun very gabra kehilangan anak right.....takut kena terung by some kidnappers wait. But dunno mermaid got lobang not lah.

Anyways he sends the whole country look for Sebastian and Ariel. Seeing how concerned King Triton is over them, Marina pun tergugat. So she sends her super evil sidekick to KILL both Ariel and Sebastian. Gasp!!!! Who is the evil sidekick so powerful????

Ha ha ha ha ha!! Mek propah jer. Meet Benjamin. He is indeed Marina's sidekick but you see his face lah so teddy bear. How to be evil kan. Benjamin always wisdom Marina to be good but Marina won't budge. So she releases her pets to kill Ariel and Sebastian demi giler kuasa.

This is not main main okeh. Even Ursula also got 2 koochirat eels only. Marina got SEVEN. And they're all like 10 times the size of Flotsam and Jetsam okeh. Seriously their scene in the cartoon is indeed scary. Small girl see will cry one lor.

The story ends when King Triton catches Marina red handed trying to kill Ariel lor. In all Disney movies of course must have happy ending one lah right. Then after that Ariel ma psycho King Triton to allow music in the ocean again lor. She found her Lau Bu's music box along the way and tries to remind King Triton of the good times they had together.

King Triton kena psycho then he ma very jiwang jiwang lor. Keep thinking of his late wife kan. Last last he lifted the ban and all the ocean started singing again.

King Triton pun sambung berangan together - gether with his wife again. Sangat jiwang kan???

Kesimpulan nyer, all die hard little mermaid and bibiknyonya fans must watch this cartoon....

.....coz it's a feel good cartoon!!

Trust me, you see oledi you will very happy wanna become cha-cha diva also one.