Monday, September 13, 2010

Kisah Misteri Kasut Terbang

Such a malufying day at gym today.

So i was doing my regular combat class. Lots of punching. And even more kicking. And when i kick, i kick ass. I was so in the zone there's this track that requires me to do high high kicks ala Chun Li. Main kaki naik langit one. So i ma tendang all out lor.

Suddenly i saw 1 shoe flying in mid air.

"Eh...whose shoe is that...look so familar one...yellow colour some mine only i see..."

"Fark.....why is my right leg barefooted!!"


I was standing smack in the centre of the class and there goes my striking yellow shoe flying in mid air in the middle of a class. And what's shoe landed on the girl in front of me. Landed on her shoulder and 2 inch away from her head. Walaupun i kena jelingan garang, I quickly apologized profusely and slipped on the shoe, pretend nothing happened and continued kicking. Clenching my toes inside my shoe now in fear of it flying for the second time......

Note to self: STICH the shoe lace to ankles so that it wont fly anywhere during combat class.