Monday, August 27, 2007

Magic Picture....Must See!!

Hey peeps.....having a great weekend? I got something more to make it even better here! I just recieved this link from a friend and ALL OF YOU should have a look. Its magic i tell you.

Here's what's so special about it. Its just a plain picture of a scenery in Hong Kong. But that's not all. Scroll your mouse on the pic and the sun rises and sets!

Move the mouse up = sun rise
Move the mouse down = sun set

Try it!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Photo Hunters: Happy

The theme this week is happy. And nothing makes me happier than.....tattoos!! Sure they cost a bomb and hurts even more (literally).....but look at the end results! Ain't it a beauty....

I always have a thing for tattoos. Its a form of way i use to express myself and it also shows my obscene level of vanity. The things i'd do for beauty! Ha ha ha!!

This is my first project. I got it done a couple of years back on my right calf. And ever since, i was really tempted to get another one. Its really addictive i tell you.

So......last month....i finally relented and gave in. I got my 2nd piece done and here's my new pride and joy....!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Today marks the 1st day of my very-short-1-week-only-yang-tak-cukup-langsung holiday. I arrived back in my hometown yesterday morning and I’m so glad to see everyone so healthy. It always feels so good to be home.

But holidays always make blogging a harder chore to do. When I’m on holiday mode, my mind tends to go on idle mode. I feel so lazy all day long, and the days are so quiet and serene, there’s hardly anything blogworthy even. Holidays in my hometown are just meant for sitting back and taking a break from the hectic life in the big city. Everything is so laid back here.

So umm….i shall just report what I observed at home upon my arrival.

Nenek had a minor minor surgery on her foot. There’s this sty(?) that has been growing on her sole for quite some time and lately its been hurting her everytime she walks. So she surgically removed it. Her foot needed to be stitched so she’s kinda limping a little now. But she can still whack Maya with her custom made rolled newspaper at her regular lightning speed and scream at her at her usual thunder voice. So yeah…obviously she’s healthy. Nothing to worry about. J

Nenek very angry at me yesterday also. See, I bought this TVB drama series for her during my last trip so she could watch at home and not be so bored. Little did I know that she did not watch it and saved the DVDs until I came home so she could watch with me. So sweet kan? So I promised I watched with her if she finishes her rice during lunch. Like jaga my anak ayam in school pulak. She kept her word and did finish her meal but after lunch…….I fell asleep on the sofa. Ha ha ha ha!!

I woke up to the sight of her darkened face as she was sitting right in front of me. She was staring at me straight in the eyes with narrowed eyebrows…

Nenek: You said you will watch DVD wif me….sleep pulak!

Me: ……ooops….ok ok we watch now.

Nenek: Dowan! Now 6.30 already Wah Loi Toi got my show you dun kacau me anymore.

Merajuk pulak that girl….so I kuai kuai sit wif her and strike little conversations to make it up lor. Today, Nenek left to stay at my aunty’s place who lives just nearby. So before my aunty arrived, I manage to watch 1 episode wif her. And again, she grazed my guilt once more.

Statement meletopz: “See lah, now can watch 1 episode only. If you never sleep yesterday we could have watched the whole disc already!”

Mak sentttap!!

Also, mom found out bout my hidden tattoo already. She smelled a rat when I turned down all my favorite dishes that she made for me. All those dishes happened to be seafood and eggs….as delicious as it looks, (mom is a fantastic cook, I kid you not) no way I can touch that…dun wanna risk ruining my tattoo and suffering another touch up session man!

Later at night, she popped into my room just to see if I was surfing porn sleeping. I was so engrossed in checking my mails so much so I din realize she was standing behind me. And pooop!

Mom: Aiiiiiya……you make another tattoo!!

Me: Err err err…..

Mom: (tugs on my collar and looks further) So big some more! How much you do??

Me: ………Rm70. (what you want me to tell her the real price and let her faint izzit? Siau ah! )

Mom: Why you do all this thing….your girlfren ask you to do izzit??

Sempat lagi.

Me: I got no girl fren and I decided this on my own ok. Not nice meh???? See, so nice!

Mom: Dun waste money like that next time lah. Last one already ah. No more! Tomorrow I make fish soup for you…can heal the skin faster.

And with that she left the room. And later on I came to find out that she helped me keep the secret. The next day when I woke up, Dad and Nenek din suspect anything at all. See, this is one thing that I love about my mom.

Whenever I’m in some sort of trouble, she would avoid telling my dad lest he reaches for the cane. Whenever I got low grades in school, mom would sign my report card quietly without telling my father. Of course she would give her own advice with that but she always made sure I dun get caned by my father. My dad’s caning is more painful that doing tattoo ok….you dun play play I tell you.

And apparently I’m still her little girl boy until now. Not that I’m afraid to let my dad know of the tattoo now ( I’m sure he’ll take it fine) but the fact that my mom still protects me the same way when I was a kid sure amused me. On the contrary, she even made lighter dishes to ensure my tattoo heals faster. Heh heh.

Mothers will always be mothers.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Some Changes in Me

No, I'm not turning straight. Don't worry about that! Just want to let you guys know some changes that I've made recently.

Don’t worry…I’m not copying Calvin’s post as well. Apa kelas....larrrik! What only Calvin can buy external burners and stop Men’s Health subscriptions meh? Lau Niang also can make changes you know. My changes lagi kelas tau.

Change no.1

Lau Niang bertambah lagi kemaluan. I got a lot of kemaluan now. I think if I were to label my posts, I can actually make a whole kemaluan category on its own. Angel is so enjoying this. I know. Dier suka kemaluans i.

Story nyer like this…. That day…I think it was a Saturday or something. I was taking the elevator back to my home when suddenly this very bubbly and friendly Pakistani/Bangla/Indian/i-dunno-what just slipped through the closing doors and pressed the floor below mine. So kiranya I have a Pakistani/Bangle/Indian/i-dunno-what neighbour lah.

So its just me and him alone in the lift. While still panting from the rush he was in, he gave me this friendliest smile and said hi. Of course I returned the polite gesture. But I smile sipu sipu like geisha only lah. If got fan to cover my mouth better still but I dinch bring. If I smile like him I would look like down syndrome already. Hilang glamer mak.

And he even tried making some light conversations.

“Very hot weather huh…” *smiles again*

“yeah it sure is…” *geisha smile*

Then there was 20 seconds of silence when suddenly a somewhat muffled sound was heard.


Lau Niang farted in front of that guy can?!?! I can’t even pinch my nose and pretend to look around see who farted you know. Cannot cover anymore. Malu tahap cipan tenuk! I was just stunned silent and I didn’t dare say anything.

The neighbour just smile meekly and went…

“Must the the hot weather…”

All I could do was just give him a weak smile and prayed that the lift would go faster. Haihh……can’t I just fart in the comfort of my own home…. Baik tak kentut depan class. Lagi malu kan?? But then again, at least I can blame the students. Ha ha ha!

Change no. 2

Ha….this one sure meletopz, nyah. Remember my tattoo?? Ha….acelly.... Lau Niang told you half the story only. The other half is what? The other half is…my tattoo is incomplete actually. Ha ha ha ha! So yesterday I attended my 2nd appointment and had my phase 2 done.

Sakit one more round.

Pantang makan one more round.

Gatal one more round.

Tapi mak cantik sekarang. U ols jangan jeles.

I actually raised the design to my nape. How true are those warning my friends gave me! Tattooing the nape area is definitely more painful than the shoulder blade areas. Especially the central point. I tell you, the pain jolted up and down my entire body. I tried reading to distract myself. I managed to read through HALF the book but I don’t have the slightest clue of what was I reading. It was that bad.

But of course mak control lah…tak lepaskan jeritan pondan ok. By the time my artist is finally done, I felt like I just stepped out of a 2 hour high speed roller ride. The vibrations from the needle were more irritating than the pain. My whole head continued tingling for the next few hours and I couldn’t even eat properly even though I was starving.

Oh yeah….in the midst of my tattooing session, one of the staff suddenly came in and whispered something urgent to my artist. He mentioned something about this customer who wanted to do a touch up on his tattoo that went wrong. Before the staff could finish, the customer barged right into the room. How rude. Dah lah mak tengah bareback mountain…writhing silently in pain some more. Malu tau!

Just as I thought, the man look like some uneducated man raised by Bagheera and Baloo in some Disney made jungle. And did I metioned how desperate he looked? I saw his pleading face and thought “Sheeshh….its just a touch up, why so desperate?!”

The next minute….he gave everyone the rudest shock. With me still in pain on the chair, the staff standing behind me and my artist still needling my nape…Mowgli pulled his pants down to reveal the most unglamorous faded navy blue gutter brief yang dah londeh halfway. I suspect it’s those RM5 for 3 from Tesco one. Nasib I dinch see any tompok or smell any bau kepam. Eeeeuw….wtf.

But that’s not what shocked me. I ran my eyes lower from that painful looking brief down to his thigh….lo and behold. There it was. The fugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen on a living being. It was shit ugly and I finally understood why Mowgli looked so desperate.

I can’t figure what pattern it was even. Definitely not a tribal design. I could tell it’s just an outline of a human figure. With long droopy ears. Donald Duck’s Goofy maybe? I can’t really tell. The tattoo looked so faded and smudged like it was poorly drawn by my 7 year old anak ayams using a marker pen yang dah nak habis ink gitue. And its huge okeh! It covered his entire thigh you know. I went like Ohh….my…Gkk!! Poor unfortunate soul…you're so screwed dude....!

My artist took a brief look and dengan kekwat nyer he just went….

“….the best I can do is to colour up the human and and some background design.”

“How much ah?”

“Rm1500. Make an appointment 1st.”

And with that he got back to my tattooing. Kelas tak….sayang my artist tau. Auuu!! And so we carried on uninterrupted until he finally dropped the last pixel on my back.
And so….ladies and ladies….i present to you….my final masterpiece. You can actually see that my new pattern is darker than the old one. Still fresh mah.
Sigh....kena lagi mak bareback mountain kat blog sendiri....see how much i love u ols!


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Meme: 8 Random Facts About Me

Tagged by: Bengbeng

The rules of this tag:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.

2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.

3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).

4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

Eight Factoids About Me:

1. I have a very morbid taste for movies and books. Both of which I indulge in heavily. Being in the performing arts field, of course I have to watch a lot of movies to keep myself on track. I watch anything from Teletubies to Schindler’s List and everything in between. I also have a strange habit of needing to read before I sleep every night.

And my selection of titles always seems to bend towards the more morbid side. I enjoy horror and thriller movies most. Think Hostel, Saw, Hills Have Eyes, Thai horror flicks, Korean Horror flicks, Jap horror flicks, and even Malay ones. I also have a strange liking for Holocaust and war movies. I’m talking about The Pianist, Schindler’s List, Killing Fields, It’s a Beautiful Life kinda’ thing. It’s VERY depressing but I simply enjoy it. Movies like these shows how strong the human will is and how far will it go for survival; very uplifting if you ask me.

When dealing with books, again I have a rather morbid or what people would call…a more peculiar taste. I like Holocaust reads. I have almost 10 titles about the Holocaust alone and some of them I’ve even read twice. Also, I love Asian literature. Stories of victims and violence in Communist China, the afflictions of women (forced marriages, foot binding, nasty mother in laws, abusive husbands) in ancient China and also of course…tales of the Forbidden City that involves power struggle and cold wars in the harem of concubines excites me most.

2. Members of my family who are fond of pets all have their own pets but we ‘share’ them together at home. Both my sisters have their own dogs each. That includes Maya. My father keeps birds and fishes in a landscaped tank. Me? I have a fetish on reptiles. I have a pet Iguana here in PJ and I have a reticulated python back in my hometown. Yes, I’m talking about THE retic python; the biggest of all python species. Hmmm….perhaps I should blog her one of these days. Should I?? Hara sure has an interesting t-ail to share. Wanna hear it? ;p

3. I have an uncanny strength when it comes to willpower. I do not crack easily under pressure and I have an inhuman level of patience when dealing with tangled issues; be it large or small issues. When playing my PS2, I can fight a difficult boss 20 times in a row until I win the level and I do not feel frustrated at all. When writing a script, I could spend hours perfecting a single page alone. When practicing my clarinet, I could spend an entire evening practicing a specific bar of music just to get it right. When I want something, I WILL get it by hook or by crook. You think Mom or Nenek would allow me to get a tattoo or keep a python at home?? ;p

4. Lime green is my favourite colour. Yes, I have a loud taste. So what…suka hati mak lah! People would recognize me with my signature green Crocs and I recently just bought another pair lime green flip flops. I have lots of green tees. I have green curtain, bed sheets and rugs in my bedroom here. Even my pet is lime green in colour. Ha ha ha!

5. Apart from chickens, I am deathly afraid of toads. Especially the fugly grey one. Back when I was little, there used to be a huge ass grey toad that always sleeps in a flower pot at my gramma’s place. Me and my sis would always poke it with a stick until it wakes up. One fine day, the fucker pounced on me and I ran for dear life back into the house, locked all the doors and windows; afraid that it would jump into the house. I hated toads to my guts ever since. I see a toad I would run berserk and screech like Emily Rose.123456 123456 123456!!! Hmm…then again I always do that with Mama Diva every other day.

6. I dinch tell this to anyone before but I had an Indiana Jones episode once. A long time ago. Back in my old house where I grew up, there’s this huge mountain that’s quite near to my place. Being a huge fan of Ultraman monsters back then, a stoopid maid ( I remember she’s local, not an indon maid) of mine told me that the mountain is actually a monster in disguise and it will transform into its true self and eat me up if I don’t finish my rice. I believed her and that’s how she tricked me into finishing my rice. She went like… “Can you see? That’s the head and the sharp thing is the horn. The monster will wake up and eat you up if you don’t finish your rice!”

Being the stubborn self that I am, I told my cousin (we were of the same age) about it and we both decided to climb the mountain secretly to find out the truth. On our own. Kids, do not attempt this. Its not glamorous at all. Go dress up in your mom’s clothes and play with her lipstick instead. Its safer and more fun.

And so one afternoon when our parents are away working, we did climb the mountain. Towards the peak, one of us accidentally stepped on an anthill and we got attacked by huge massive black ants. I got it all over my body and I was hitting away until….i fell into a quicksand. Thank god the mud was rather thick and I didn’t sink that fast. Still, I sinked until my chest level. My cousin pulled me out slowly and we headed home immediately.

And that’s how I learned that the mountain is not a monster after all. To think that I could have got killed….

7. I never learned my lesson. On another episode, I found a nest of wasps dwelling in a hole by the drain behind my house as I was walking my dog. To my excitement, I ran home and told my sister about it and we checked the nest out together. True enough we found the nest. We squatted by the drain and admired the nest in awe. Then we turned to each other and out eyes gleamed with mischief. Quietly, I reached for an unripe jambu and aimed at the nest. I hit bullseye and you can imagine what happened lah. Me and my sis got multiple stings all over our body and gave a mom a heart attack. Ha ha ha!

8. I simply love comics. I grew up collecting Doraemon comics. When Dragon ball fever hit, I joined in the craze. Unfortunately, my interest only lasted 19 volumes. Then came Shin Chan comics. I have to say they’re my all time favourite and I still buy them now. I have at least 40 volumes currently. I can re-read them and still laugh myself silly. My most expensive comic collection has to be Asiapac’s Condor Hero. They cost RM15 a volume and I have all 18 volume. Complete. Another prized treasure of mine.

8 people I’m tagging:

Poporoot : As one of the girls in the divine sisterhood, I am obligated to include him (?) in anything that I do. For better or worse. Merasalah engko buat 8 facts nyah. Ha ha ha!

Pompuan Kedah: One of the craziest girl with crazy issues and crazy maggi mee hair that I ever came across. Thus, she’s make a perfect candidate for such memes. Mak larriik ke Cambodia dolu yer.

Froggy: My bitch who stood by me through thick and thin; though we’ve yet to meet. In doing this meme, I sure hope to hear more surprises from him (?).

Angel: The fastest bff I ever made and the ONLY online friend that I’ve never met before who sent a gift to me. Sosweet!!! Darling, I still keeping your high-tech book mark as treasure…mak sayang tau!

Jonzz: One of my most faithful reader who never fails to drop comments in every post. I really appreciate the support. U ols must belajar contoh baik tau. Teacher give you Pokemon sticker afterwards.

Mr. M: Just out of curiousity. I’ve yet to see this prolific Diva do any memes and I sure like to know more about your royal highness. Ha ha ha ha!

Nyonya Penang : You didn’t think I would ignore a fellow Mak Nyonya did you? Of course I wouldn’t! tulis Nyonya….jangan tak tulis oi!

Calvin: How can there be no Calvin with Froggy around. Me and Froggy bully Calvin habis habis in MSN. Very brutal one. So this is for you lor. Buli lagi. Ha ha ha!


PS: Who will buy this title for me please? PLEASE?? Ha ha ha!! I want it SO badly but it costs more than 60 freaking bucks! Mak nak jadi empress.........nak jugak nak jugak!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Meet Maya!

Lately, I’ve been introducing a few of my family members in this blog. First, there’s almighty, revered Empress Dowager herself, Nenek; with the cute lil’ U Papa episode. Classic moment.

Then came along the post for Mommy. Hmm….reading back what I wrote, I feel so weird now. If u ols been reading my blog for a while, you’ll see that its so unlike me to write such mushy stuff. But in that particular moment, I was feeling so messed up inside so much so I just decided to spill my thoughts just like that; with no funny pics or smart/quirky lines. All me…genuine and unfiltered. Sorry if I freaked any of you out. Ha ha ha!

And so today, I’d like to introduce yet another family member to you. Ladies and ladies, it would be my greatest pleasure to introduce to you……Maya.

No……not Maya Karin lah. Man if only she’s a family member. I’d be happily shrieking away in the wee hours in the morning with her, jumping from tree to tree dressed in white bed sheets. 400 thread count Egyptian cotton type no less. Mak Diva tau. Jenama Friven ker Jusco or even more choi…Tesco tu tak main okeh.

Lau Niang like you to meet THIS Maya.

Ain’t she a doll? Maya is a Yorkshire terrier breed and she belongs to my sister. She joined the clan as a gift from a friend whose dog gave birth to several Mayas. So he(?) gave a Maya to my sis.

Upon her arrival, she such a tiny Koochirat; no bigger than a Furby Doll that you’d get in Toys”R”Us. Even her huge black bulging eyes made up half of her fury face already. See, i can easily hold her in 1 hand only.

Now, circa 6 months later….look at her, a huge ball of black and brown fur in all its glory. Don’t you think she looks like an Ewok from Star Wars…

Same not?

And this is where Maya lives. Huge place for a tiny dog. In her presidential suite, Maya has her own attached bathroom with flushing toilet, toilet papers and even soap. Unfortunately, she never really learned how to utilize it… we just put a newspaper on the floor. Hmm.

And her spacious home also has a magnificent view of……the kitchen.

Everyday she gets to see the most beautiful lady she’s ever seen cooking lunch……Nenek.

Just like any other adolescent pooches, Maya is the naughtiest hairball you’d ever come across. She’s always up to some mischief whenever she’s out free. She does every mischief that a dog would normally do.

Biting pillows and everything that comes along the way.

Climbing on everything and not knowing how to get down later. Here, she’s seen climbing up the couch feeling feeling she owns Pride Rock ala Lion King. Siap naik 1 kaki some more. Berangan betol.

Shamelessly eating people’s crotch. That’s the only thing I’m jealous about a dog. They can do that just about anywhere and people find them adorable. Why won’t people think we’re adorable if we do that in public??

Pertinent to that, Maya spends a lot of time in the living room, mostly in front of the TV. She watches America's Next Top Model with me and here is her best shot of mimicking Tyra Bank's classic wind-blowing-hair feat. Berjaya tak?

As most dogs are, Maya is also a great attention whore. She constantly seeks human company all the time. Leave her alone and she’ll start yapping in the kitchen all day long.

Whenever with anybody, she would climb all over you, start nibbling your fingers and slobbering your face like a banshee gone berserk in an exorcism rite…or worse than that, any of my Korean students. Yes, my Korean students are worse than banshees. Leave her alone on the floor and she’ll give you a surprise bite on the heels or toes just to get back at you for leaving her alone. That actually hurts.

But there’s one person in the house……

Look at how still she sits. Nobody disturbs the great Empress Dowager while she’s concentrating hard on her Wah Loi Toi. Even dogs sit still at her sight. What would happen if Maya even dare move an inch?? Try messing with Nenek and......

Ladies and ladies, I present to you, the deadly Rolled Newspaper Jutsu. Well hidden beside the couch, Nenek could just whip it out and twack Maya’s bottom (bottom....ha ha ha ha!!!! Sorry i can't help giggling!) in a split second. I kid you not. You can’t see all the action with the naked eye coz its just too fast. Never ever…..underestimate the petite old lady. Maya doesn’t.

With the newspaper raised high up in attack mode, every slightest movement is monitored under Nenek’s watchful eyes and if Maya even just try to slobber up or scratch the couch….KA-POW!!! 2-hit combo. 500 points.

Look at Maya… can actually see the fear in her eyes. Nenek is the ONLY person in the house that Maya fears. Not even my dad who is even bigger than Nenek surpasses her intimidating figure.

But ultimately… attention whore will always remain an attention whore. At the end of the day, Maya and Nenek still have a special bond in their own special way….under the caution of the forever-ready rolled up newspaper no less.

Now that’s what I call hard love.

Have a great Monday uols.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom....

Dear Mom,

This post is for you but you can't read it. I'd be dead if you find out about this. But anyway, i just wanna speak my mind here. There are so many things that i wish i could share with you but....well most of the time the situation doesn't permit it.

Its 4 minutes past your birthday as i'm writing this. This is the 1st time that i couldn't be with you on your birthday. And it sucks. I really wish i could spend the whole day celebrating your big day but i'm stuck here at work. However, i'm at least grateful that you came up to look for me last weekend. Its been so long since the whole family did some shopping together. I really missed those moments and last sunday was sheer joy. If only you could stay on longer.

On this very special day of yours, i really wish i could tell you how much i'm grateful for everything that you have given me and for moulding me into what i am today. I am blessed with your virtue of patience and perseverance and with these values, i have managed to grow so much on my own.

In your patient and gentle manner, you managed to raise me up to be someone you're proud of. Well at least i hope you're proud of me.

In your undivided love and compassion, you instill strong family bonds that keeps the whole family strongly united. We may not be the richest compared to other relatives, but I can proudly say that we have the strongest ties within the family.

In your strong faith and prayers, you allowed me to pursue my own dreams despite of my eccentric choice of study and all the protest and doubts from others. In return, i did the best i could and proved that i knew what i was doing. I thank God i didn't let you down in that manner. But above all else, i couldn't have come this far without your unconditional support and faith in me. I can't thank you enough mom.

Lately, life hasn't been too peachy as well. In times like these, I wish i could seek comfort and turn to you like i always did when i was much younger. But now that i'm all grown up, i know that i have to solve things myself and stand on my own feet. I have to rise above it on my own.....but deep down, i constantly hoped that you could be there for me.

Early this year, i just stepped out of a beautiful 3 year long relationship. I wish i could tell you in person how beautiful it was and now......i wish i could hug you tight coz it hurts so much sometimes. But i'll break your heart into a million pieces if you knew this forbidden side of me. And that's why i rather endure the pain alone. I couldn't possibly break your heart.

He was the best thing that happened to me. I felt what true love was and i experienced the joy of being in love. But unfortunately, it came to an end. Sometimes, i'd even loose all my strength to endure another day of walking alone. I lived in constant pain and loneliness although i smiled and joked in your presence. I kept on wondering if i'll be experience that happiness again. And i'm so full of doubts and fear. I tried so hard to pick myself up but its just so trying sometimes.

I wish i can cry out to you and seek your comfort. I really do. But this is one path that i have to walk alone....and i have to keep on walking until i reach the end. When i will find true love again. Very oftenly, i always envy you. Daddy is such a great husband and you never have to endure another break up. You get to raise children and grow old playing with grandkids (from your daughters of course) in the future.

That would never happen to me.

As scary as it may sound, i have to accept what i am. I wasn't given a choice and i had to deal with it. For life. Eeeps. I don't expect you to be able to accept this but i know you will love me no matter what I am. I have never doubted your love for me.

And the reason why i'm still moving on today is because of your constant attention and love. Being in your very presence somewhat gave me a sense of serenity within inside. With you around, i knew i was at home. No one would hurt me here. And that felt good.

I sent an sms to you this morning wishing you happy birthday. And for the 1st time in my life, i gathered enough courage to say the 3 greatest word God ever made. I said "I LOVE YOU" for the first time in my 24 years of being with you.

And your reply came in a split second. Your exact words read "you bright up my day baby...Its raining over here but i feel so warm. Thank you for being my wonderful boy. Love you lots....big hug...."

Those very words of yours were the greatest comfort to me. I took some time to reflect on your moving but brief message and suddenly all the pain and fears within me vanished in an instant. I had a really pleasant day today thanks to your sms and i've never felt such a relief for a long time. That was how powerful your words were.

So in the true nature of how powerful words can be, I will say these words to you once again.

I love you mommy......happy birthday.

~written in a single teardrop~