Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Strange Fruit @ The Eye on Malaysia

Last weekend, I had the rare chance to watch this really one-of-a-kind dance performance held in Tasik Titiwangsa where the huge ass ferris wheel more widely known as Eye On Malaysia is held. This team from Australia gave such an interesting performance. They entitled the show "Strange Fruit" for some strange reasons. I dunno why. Hmm. But the best part about the show is what know.....its FREE!!! Mak suker mak suker!! YEah, its held in open air and everyone can tengok free engkau. You never go you lugis you knows.

They actually climbed up on bendy stilts and danced right on top; making it appear as if they were really flying. The performance was further enhanced with great lightings and very interesting costumes. All in white no less.

So the show started with all 6 dancers hiding in a huge huge huge white lantern thingy and they actually make the lanterns move in unison sequences. Combined with strong lightings, the effects were simply breathtaking as it kept on changing colours. Mak suker lah nyah!!

Isn't it super gorgeous? I snapped at least a million pictures i swear. Then soon enough, the dancers slowly popped out from the lantern one by one. And by some strange coincidence, i happen to be standing in front of a pondan gagah dancer. Look at him trying to be Thumbelina.

Mak Keyyyyyysaah tau!!!

However, i do have to give him credits for putting up such a great show. He's got really good balancing skills i tell you.

At the height of the show, we see all the dancers strutting their stuff in full force, dancing gayly looking all white against the dark sky. Makes me feel like Tinkerbell myself. I just can't tell you enough how pretty it looked!

Oh and after the show, there was this heck-what-do-you-call-it water and light show on the lake as well. Its those kind of things where they spray a fan of water in the middle of the lake and they project nice lightings and even pictures at the water. Its really quite interesting to see too.

Quite a view huh? And if you look at the following pic below, you can actually see a picture of a mountain in the spray of water there.

Everyone was so mesmerized by the sight of it. You can see huge crowd by the lakeside everywhere enjoying the whole show. Look at how fascinated Mama Diva was; shamelessly striking the Little Mermaid Statue pose; tengah berangan kat Anstredam lah tu.

Same not same not?? Kurang tetek ngan wig jer...

All in all, it really was a wonderful night of seeing colourful balls, witnessing huge ejaculations in the middle of the lake, watching people selling overpriced ice creams and pop corns and oh...lets not forget about those couples hiding behind the bushes in the middle of the night.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Movie Review: Duyung


Not gonna happen.

Didn't catch it.


Coz i was tricked by Dan. Once again. Oh and he brought along another accomplice this time. Sapa tu? Why its none other than the infamous (?) Adrien....who claims that he blogs. I think blogging culture is becoming like Airasia kan. "Now Everbody Can Blog". Hmm.

See what happen was that they conveniently called me during my dinner last night and conveniently told me that they already conveniently bought tickets to a movie for me already and i have to conveniently meet them by 10pm. Best part is i don't even know what movie i'm about to watch.

So cibai lor right? I mean what if i'm not free or like i have a reeeeally important appoinment kan. Ok fuck it, who am i kidding.

And when i finally reach, naturally the 1st thing i did was to ask what movie are we watching lah right. Then only i said hi. And to my greatest horror, they pointed their paws at this:

What in gay hell.....I was so prepared to run home. I even threatened Adrien that i won't pay him my ticket money unless the movie is good. Memang keji tahap cipan, nyah! But thankfully, the movie turned out to be this isntead:

Well, ANYTHING'S better than Duyung right? Quite a good movie to catch ya'll. Kinda short though. 1.5 hours only. Inclusive of trailers and ads. Its like watching Pixar animation.

But still. I suppose the most impportant thing is getting chances to meet new friends lah kan. Friends are very important people in our lives and we should treasure our friends.

So yeah, it was really nice meeting you, what's-your-name-again?? Ha ha ha ha....kidding. Surely Adrien tengah cakar cakar monitor tarik rambut now.
Chill sistah :D
Oh, and Happy Valentines to ya'll love birds there.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Barbie Galore in One Utama

On the week before Chinese New Year, (oh, Happy Chinese New Year to you all by the way) I was doing my regular snooping at all the display windows in One Utama. This time round, I saw the bestest thing ever. There’s this wedding package promotion going on and those oh-so-smart wedding people actually displayed samples of their wedding dresses not in pictures or albums…..but in dolls!!

Screw Barbie, man. All the dolls were vogueness and there were rows and rows and rows of them. I circled the displays at least 10 times (if not, more) and I couldn’t even blink once. I’m telling you, nothing comes between me and dolls. NOTHING.

I don’t care if I’m the only male(?) adult crowding amongst the throng of 7 year old girls dressed in shocking pink Barbie apparels from head to toe.

I don’t care if passing shoppers gave me weird stares while I was intensely snapping pictures of all the dolls like as if it were as hot as those Edison Chen scandal pics.

I don’t care if the promoters watched me circling the displays over and again like a hungry vulture ready to strike its dying prey. I had this evil plan of clobbering the innocent promoter to death and running away with ALL the dolls. Too bad I dun have a wheelbarrow or something to ferry all the dolls…..I would look kinda silly running around One Utama with a wheelbarrow of dolls too. But who gives a hoot!

I mean look at all these beauties…how can anyone just walk by without even looking at least!

They are so frilly!

So colourful!

So flowery!

So lacy!

So bling bling!!


Oh my god if I owned this collection, I would quit my job immediately and finish my remaining lifetime playing with each and everyone of it! I’ll name all of them and I’ll build a huge ass doll mansion so they can all live together and have a catfight drama everyday…..just like American Top Model kan?

They’re gonna have an old fashioned English Tea Party eating plastic scones and cookies from little Bone China, lavish Balls every night, summer party by the pool, beauty pageants…..oh I’ve planned it all!!

I SO want them dolls…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!