Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kelantan Launches It's First Starbucks

Anybody up for air moka ais kurang manis?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Shedding Blood In Dewan Filharmonik Petronas

No there weren't any riots going on there. I paid a visit to DFP last thursday to watch a dance drama. I always go there to watch concerts only and i also had the chance to perform there once. Hik. Yeah it was a really great honour. But I've yet to watch a dance drama there so of course i was very excited.

The show for the night was entitled Raja Bersiong (which simply means "The Fanged Sultan" yeah, something like a male pontianak with royal blood. So diva.) This Raja Bersiong is actually a traditional Malay folklore.

In a nutshell, its about a palace maid who accidentally cut her finger while preparing a dish for the Sultan and her blood accidentally dripped into the dish. But the stupid maid still served the Sultan the dish anyway; and for some weird reasons, he actually tasted the blood and became addicted to it. Pfffttt. How can anyone get addicted to blood. I've tasted it myself before. Not that nice also. Can't the Sultan be addicted to nicer things?! Folklores are so stoopid sometimes.

So anyway, the Sultan then commanded the maid to drip blood into all his dishes. His cravings for blood got stronger until he started killing people to drink their blood and soon enough he grew fangs (oooh....SO SCARY!! I'm shivering in fear as i'm typing now. Pffttt); hence the unglamorous name Raja Bersiong. See the Raja Bersiong horror, padan the character.

So back to the show. As soon as i stepped into the hall, i was rather dissapointed to see the dull looking set. Whole damn thing was just symetrical patterns of brownish grey in colour. I've desigend better sets for my school production lor seriously. Only later i came to find out from friends saying that their set is memang those style all along one.

Thankfully, the performance made it all up to compensate the horror looking set. I was really blown away by the impressive soundtrack and the best part of the show has to be their superb choreography. The steps were an intricate blend of traditional and contemporary steps. The results? Fabulousness!! The steps were very creative and all the dancers were spot on. Hardly any visible mistakes and the main casts did a fantastic job as well. Tu lah power pondan katanyer. Fonen Fonens are natural dancers you know.

So am i going to support their next production?? DEFINATELY!! The price is also bloody reasonable lor. I got really really good seats for RM20 only. Anybody also can afford. And i think you ols should attend and expose yourselves too. To the culture and beauty of performing arts you pervert. Nobody hadap to see you naked in DFP lah. Except for you Ken Watanabe, my hemsem Mr. Chairman. I'd love to see you naked. Anywhere. Biler you nak beli Mizuagay mak??

Mak rela nyah...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The HL Milk Massacre

Lau Niang: How old are you??

Chatter: 30

Lau Niang: Wah lau!! Why you look like 18?! You botox izzit? (I'm serious...the guy look bloody young!)

Chatter: Wah...why your mouth so bad one?

Lau Niang: This is me being very polite already. Consider yourself lucky i good mood tonight. So what's your secret? Share share lah.....

Chatter: Oh i drink milk every day. That's why my skin so smooth.....

Lau Niang: Milk??? Really ah?? Milk good for skin meh? I thought good for bones only. But my bones very healthy. Everyday i get boner also....

Chatter: Ha ha h aha!! You dun believe me you try yourself lah....

So......milk is good for the skin says the lil' birdie. If drink milk can cantik....mak rela, nyah. But how....i hate milk to my guts. Don't you think milk is damn smelly? You know why baby smells? Coz they drink milk. That's why.

So i sat down and think and think and think. There must be a way that i can swallow milk. Think, lau niang think..........DING!! There's actually a brand that i can digest.

*Feels excited and runs to the nearest Kiosk*

TADAA!! Susu lemak rendah jenama HL. This milk got vanilla taste and its not smelly like other brands one. Yay.....i'm a drinking HL everyday and Lau Niang is going to be chantik like Ms World soon.

*Pours milk into a tiny cup to test test water*

Yeeech.....why the milk yellow yellow one?! Is it expired?? Is this condensed milk?? I bought wrongly ker? Since when HL got condensed milk one?

* Drinks yellow milk in 1 gulp anyway*

Dies a miserable death....poisoned.

*Checks milk carton thoroughly*

Tiu nia sing KNNCCB WTF!!!! Banana flavoured milk?! What the heck is banana milk?! And look at how they labeled the box....just printed on one tiny corner....who would have noticed?! Damn bloody misleading lor!!

What if i'm allergic to bananas?! I can die you know. Mr. HL should have printed a huge ass banana picture on the box and put a for-fear-factor-lovers-only warning on it!

Not only i was conned of my RM4.90, i nearly died of poisoning some more. So horror okeh. Cis cis cis....never ever buy anything with banana in it. Bananas are meant to be sucked eaten raw!

so umm......i have 3/4 box of banana milk left.....anyone interested???

Monday, January 7, 2008

Perhaps Love (?)

Hello u ols.......sorry i was late a few mins for my current post. Lau Niang so busy lately. You know, with all the festive seasons on and off all the time, shopping can be a very daunting task you know. Kerja Mak shopppppping time to eat even. I is busy woman on the run gitue.

So this would my 1st post for the year 2008. Nice nice. I think most of everyone should have a "Happy New Year" post on 1st Jan then they would go what's-my-resolution and what not; all those boring kan. Opps. No offence there.

On the contrary, i'd like to take one last look back at year 2007 as it was a rather dramatic year for me. I mean of course everyday is full of drama for me lah, but 2007 has been extra drama for me because so many drama took place last year and i kena so many drama and i know you fully understand exactly what i mean so i know you won't ask any further questions and just keep on reading thankyouverymuch.

Last year, the biggest slap to me has to be my break-up with my ex. For you new readers out there, it has been more or less of a year since my last relationship that lasted 3 beautiful years. It really was beautiful while it lasted but i suppose all good things eventually comes to an me at least. As much as we sometimes hope that relationships will last forever, sometimes....shit happens. And you can't shove it back up your arse anymore once its out. Yeah you get the gist.

I know....i've been raking this up every now and then. Truth is, i could never really let go of him. It's not easy for me to fall for someone.....and its 10 times harder for me to let go of someone. Perhaps it's a sagitarian thing. I'll never know for sure. There's not a day that passes without me thinking of him somehow or rather. But at least, it no longer hurts as much. That's my only comfort.

But sometimes, the big guy up there works in really mysterious ways. I loose a lover, i gained more friends. Besides my divine sisterhood who stood by me through thick and thin (God bless them) I somehow had the previledge to meet many other fellow bloggers who eventually ends up with us being best buddies. Or should i say many other bloggers had the previldege to meet me in person. More diva that way kan.

You know, we bloggers are really nice people. I've yet to meet up a nasty blogger in person; like those nutcases from the gay chatrooms and profile websites who can only think of humping and more humping tau. Opps terlepas secret scandals plak.

So yeah, i got to know many nice people out there through blogging. Who says blogging is a waste of time....mak apom kau baru tau. There's just too many names to list down here and i dun wanna be a bastard to leave out a single name. I know i would be pissed if people left me out. But hor, bloggers here very forgiving one also you know. Sometimes i meet meet bloggers and i dun even know who they are....and then i go "Hey how you know me ah??" So blonde kan. Happens all the time......but u ols out there wont keysah so much kan. Ha ha ha ha!

The year 2008 definitely promises a lot of new challenges. I now have to teach a new subject. My 1st lesson is in 2 hours time and i dun have a single clue of what to teach. I'm supposed to be researching my lesson and here i am ranting. Mampos mak.

Also, i have decided to further my studies and pursue a masters. To add more shit, my beloved lecturers have recommended my name to the university senate to pursue a full research proggrame instead of doing courseworks which is relatively easier.

There's also a few huge ass mega projects coming up in which i will reveal when the right time comes. With so many things at hand, i definitely have to upgrade my balls to make sure i don't die standing....ball-less. Sure its a lot of work, but i'm actually excited to be trying so many new things. I just hope i won't screw up so much.

Along the way this year, i hope i will continue to make more nice friends and who knows....perhaps find new love.

So here's to everyone....Happy Fucking New Year!!

Dah.....mak kena prepare lesson now.

Jangan kacau.