Monday, July 20, 2009

Keysah Launiang Kena Kantoi Anime Rogayah

So i was having a slow and peaceful weekend. I was lying in bed with my iced coffee and the chilly air con running....with my lappie on a lil' breakfast-in-bed table doing my photo editing job.

While watching gay anime.

Its not porn okeh. Just some gay themed cartoon so its no big deal lah.

Not until mommy SUDDENLY pops in with ah niece in her arms going "Baby...see what uncle is doing....coochi coochi coo...."

Ya uncle is watching gay anime. Jangan kacau.

I went like... "Fuck fuck fuckety fuck....faster go away!!! Please don't have any love scenes!!!"

Did mommy go away??

Not only did she NOT go away...she made herself comfortable by sitting beside me. And she started feeding ah niece with a FULL bottle of milk.

You think that is the ultimate horror??

Tup tup tup.....the two MALE AND GAY cartoon characters in tv started french kissing!!!!!!

Lau Niang buat buat busy and very engrossed with my editing job konon konon like i tak perasan what just happened in tv okeh.

After like an eternity of awkward silence....akhirnya mommy mengeluarkan statement cepumas.

" You haven't been to church for a long time hor....."


Paul J said...

ahahahahah......padan muka! time u'll kena coffee talk with all the church people....mampus!

Fable Frog said...

talk about all the right timing~ LOL

TZ said...

hmmmm.... u din lock your door? :p

the happy go lucky one said...

lolll... so right timing kekeee. u should have changed channel fast fast, before ur mum sit down :P
but its ok lah, consider it as ur gradual preparation for ur future 'come out', if tats going to happen :P

Janvier said...

Nasib baik bukan gay porn. Nanti sister terus fling holy water.

lyana said...


such statement! only alice can say such things with elegance and grace, and still hit right through,kan? :)

Jonzz said...

"Baby...see what uncle is doing....coochi coochi coo...."

LOL! *dying of laughter*

" You haven't been to church for a long time hor....."

Choke! Cough cough cough

Gosh, you know you should turn all these moments into drama scripts.

savante said...

Kenapa la tak tutup anime rogayah tu!

Aziya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aziya said...

hahaha... kesian kantoi.. nasib not in the "real meat" scene ... cartoon only.

you should go to church darl.. kang kena baptize ngan sup brinjal mak baru tau.. ;p

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Calvin said...

I love your Mum's line! Lol...