Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Keysah Lau Niang Membuat Extreme Makeover

Perky is so gonna fry me for stealing her thunder but.....chak chak chak chak.....ada aku keyssahh???

So storynyer like this....about like a month ago....Perky berangan nak baby baru macham Angelina Jolie. After having 2 cats with eating disorder (seriously, perky's cats needs lyposuction and believe me, its not for beauty purpose...larrriiik) Perky berangan wanna have a dog this time plak.

Knowing that my dad has good contacts in dealing with canine pets, she pon assigned me to find a puppy.

One that doesn't hate her. Opps.

One that isn't taller than her. Opps.

One that won't bark at her at sight.Opps.

One that won't piss on her. Opps.

Then came the brainstorming and consultation session. Big question of what is the right breed to get with the right budget. dad found 4 newborn toy poodles. Lau niang ma go and check stock 1st lor. See see the dog come one like....

Toing!!! Aiyo....acelly the dog look ok one but dunno why look so huru hara in picture. I know perky would like her to convince her with such a horrorful pic? Mata kuyu, bulu nipis, expression blank, rambut tak perm.....Look like anjing cinderella yang kotor dan busuk dipungut dari parit lor.

When Perky 1st saw the pic....terus kena label world's most unphotogenic dog. Haah...amek kau. But i keep telling her the dog looks better in real...hoping that she will buy my story.

My dad redeemed the dog about a week before perky came to collect it. And after good food and good bath and good camera, akhirnya poodle menjadi siap.

JANG!!! Muka berjaya dengan suksesnya. It was love at 1st sight when everyone saw Sasha for the 1st time. Yep that's her name. Sasha. Thankfully, poodles are very sociable by nature so there are no strangers to Sasha. She would just jump and prance around ANYBODY. Heck, even my 3 year old cousin tried to dognap her. He wrestled his own mother and cried in a failed attempt to run away with Sasha. Ha ha ha ha! Definitely Perky's kind of dog.

Here's more shots of Sasha after undergoing my Modelling 101's intensive class....

Is it just me or does Sasha reminds you of Susan Boyle??


lyana said...


mak nak satu jugak boleh? black?

2010 ye? :P

the happy go lucky one said...

she is sooooooo cute and adorable!!!

savante said...

OMFG. I was right. It looks amazing after the makeover!

Jonzz said...

Seriously, you gave them a makeover?

Aziya said...

OMG.. why Susan Boyle ???... hahahha !!!

Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

Anjing Lau Niang tu memang comel.

Perky said...

Ko ni kan, memang hanjeng kan :P

Oh shit! That pic really does make her look like Susan Boyle. lol!

p/s: my cats don't have eating disorder. they're simply living a good life.... one that I am going to deprive Sasha of. But it would be interesting to see how does an overfed toy poodle look like ;)

mamadiva the stirrer said...

perky>>overfed poodle looks like *&#@%...lerikkk...

she looks like susan, but sounds like mariah carey+mamadiva jugak...hihihihihi

Twilight Zone said...

Ha ha ha ha itu Susan's baby ke? I want to visit Lau Niang and have a cute make over too! Boleh ka?

Danny said...

u really did a great job on the dog...
go out more.. and make the world a prettier place...:))
( i am in the waiting list ;p )

Bengbeng said...

so very cutelah :)

lau niang said...

lyana: Senah i'm sure aussie got nice pooches as well. Can buy one anytime. Or buy one when you get home. Ha ha ha ha!

Happy: Sure is!

Savante: what can i say...magi c touches. Hehe he!

Jonzz: You want one too?

Aziya: Sama rambut mah. Ha ha ha ha!

Mann: Ha ha ha...unfortunately sayang, its not my hanjeng. Perky's. Mak tolong carikk jer. HEhh ehhe

Perky: matilah si Sasha... kena premature obesity.

mamadiva: GITUE!

twilight zone: Sure thing! I just hope you are not allergic to eyelash curlers and cakes of foundations on your face. Larriikkk!

Danny: oh i'd be more than happy to do you too. That din come out right. Opps.

Bengbeng: Whatever it is i'm cuter okeh. Ha ha ah!